Air Conditioning Ready? Cool Tips for Summer Comfort

By Kara Colynuck

After a long cold winter and abysmal spring, summer’s arrival may catch some people off guard.

To achieve maximum comfort, the earlier you check your cooling system the better. Do you need an air conditioning tune-up, or is it time for a new one? Ambassador Dearie HVAC can help you make that decision.

A tune-up will ensure your air conditioning runs smoothly all summer long. An annual maintenance check will help detect potential problems, and fix them so your AC doesn’t stop working on hot, sticky nights when you need it the most.

You may decide it is time to replace your old unit. Ambassador Dearie HVAC shares the top five things you should consider before you invest in a new air conditioner.

First, when cooling your home, size matters. Do you go bigger for more power, or smaller for more savings? An air conditioner that is too big will cool too quickly and come on and off too much. A unit that is too small will run longer than necessary.

An Ambassador Dearie representative takes into account the square feet of finished space, how airtight the home is, the number of windows and position of the house. Contemplating those factors will allow you to choose an air conditioner that is not too big, not too small, but just right for your home.

The second thing to consider is whether the contractor will do a quality job, be easy to get a hold of, and stand by the work done. Checking reviews will make it easier to choose.

Next, you will want to ask questions about the brand you are considering. Is it a quality product? Check operating noise levels, warranty provided and extended warranties. Ask where the unit is made. Find out how easy is it to service and clean.

Before you sign on the dotted line, investigate the physical size of the AC unit. The higher SEER units can be the size of a small garden shed, so make sure to check dimensions and space available.

The final thing to consider is how your unit will be installed. Your choices are either on brackets or on a pad. Chances are if you live in a finished area, a pad is fine; just check property lines and access. If you live in a new home without finished landscaping, a bracket tends to be the safer bet.

If you do require a new air conditioner, you can rest assured Ambassador Dearie HVAC will provide a refrigerant license mechanic to make sure it is installed properly for years of worry free operation.

Ambassador Dearie is a local company that has been servicing homeowners in the greater Ottawa area for over 30 years. Their 13,000 square foot facility allows them to provide quick and reliable service by having the unit or parts you need on hand. You can call Ambassador Dearie at 613-741-9595 or visit their web site at

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