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Remember This?

<b>Remember This?</b> The Nile Voyageurs

Remember This? The Nile Voyageurs

Of the 386 officers and men who volunteered for Britain's Nile Expedition, roughly half were hired from the lumber shanty towns of Ottawa-Hull.
<b>Remember This?</b> Bryson, Graham Ltd. 'Ottawa's greatest store'

Remember This? Bryson, Graham Ltd. 'Ottawa's greatest store'

The store occupied the corner of Sparks Street and O'Connor Street for 83 years, and in its final days was known more for being Ottawa's oldest store than its greatest.
<b>Remember This?</b> Canada's first 'electric banquet'

Remember This? Canada's first 'electric banquet'

An entire banquet meal cooked in an electric oven had not happened anywhere in North America until Thomas Ahearn put his new technology to the test in Ottawa almost 130 years ago.
<b>Remember This?</b> Gay liberation

Remember This? Gay liberation

It was 50 years ago this week that a small group of men and women, numbering anywhere from 80 to 200 (accounts vary) marched on Parliament Hill in the first "gay liberation" protest in Canada.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa's centenary

Remember This? Ottawa's centenary

Sporting events took centre stage as Ottawa celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. Newspapers also took guesses at what life would be like in the capital 100 years later.
<b>Remember This?</b> Heron Bridge disaster

Remember This? Heron Bridge disaster

Picnickers who had been listening to a rock and roll band in nearby Vincent Massey Park that hot, sultry afternoon in 1966, described the collapse of the bridge as sounding like a low-flying airplane.
<b>Remember This?</b> Caplan's

Remember This? Caplan's

A Rideau Street staple from 1916 until the building's demolition in 2003.
<b>Remember This?</b> Asphalt paving comes to Ottawa

Remember This? Asphalt paving comes to Ottawa

Taking a look back at when Ottawa's mayor and city council decided to provide "first class city streets."
<b>Remember This?</b> The Lord Elgin Hotel

Remember This? The Lord Elgin Hotel

Other potential names for the Lord Elgin Hotel were The Kingsford, the Empire and The Tweedsmuir.
<b>Remember This?</b> Rockcliffe relief camp

Remember This? Rockcliffe relief camp

During the Great Depression the Canadian government came up with the idea of establishing temporary relief camps across the country for the estimated 70,000 single, unemployed, homeless, and malnourished men that were tramping the roads.
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