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Do your staff show up late? StaffNet has a solution

According to a CareerBuilder survey, about 19 per cent of Canadians routinely show up late once a week. Avoid issues with late staff by following these tips
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As the owner of a small or medium sized business, you wear a lot of hats. You’re involved in the bookkeeping, marketing, HR, product development – every facet of the company needs some of your attention. The key to making it all work is having dependable staff you can rely on. A team you can delegate to is vital to your success, but no matter how talented your staff is, productivity suffers when they show up late to work.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, Canadians not only outpace Americans in work tardiness, about 19 per cent routinely show up late once a week – at a minimum! Not only does this mean a frazzled (and therefore less productive) employee, it can delay meetings and projects, annoy other team members, and create resentment in the office.  

Avoid issues with late staff by following these tips:

Create an atmosphere that fosters work/life balance

Most late employees are not lazy or disorganized, they are run ragged among early morning daycare drop offs, late nights with the kid’s sports team, household chores, and congested traffic. Recognize that some work-from-home days and running your business from a place easy to access by transit could really help your staff show up on time. Consider later starting times if traffic is an issue, or flex time that can be used to accommodate household chores or daycare runs.

Have clear expectations

If you talk to some employees about their tardiness but not others, or address the issue with inconsistency, the problem will persist. Be clear about the start times – even if they are flexible – along with the discipline that will follow for routine lateness. While most employees strive to be on time, there are a few that could use a little motivation due to oversleeping. Statistics Canada points out that one in three Canadians isn't getting enough sleep. Your clear expectations could have some team members remembering to go to bed earlier.

Leverage technology and automation

As mentioned above, you wear many hats. Not only is delegation necessary, so is technology and automation. Rely on the tools that ease your own work burden so you can focus on where you excel the most. One of those tools is StaffNet’s all-in-one scheduling and communication platform. StaffNet simplifies everything for your team by providing their weekly schedule, tasks, reporting, and even tracking the inventory they need all in one convenient app. You won’t have to make calls all day to tell the team when to come into work, simply update the app. If anyone needs a shift change or an issue arises, they can put a note in the app and everyone with access will be updated at the same time. You can push group dispatch notifications too when something comes up, like a big order leading to overtime for those that want it.

Get started today for a more productive team tomorrow

Don’t put off the processes and technology that make your team as efficient as possible. With attention given to the work/life balance of your team, clear expectations, and the right technology, you can reclaim your time while improving your staff’s morale. Get started today and click here to learn more about StaffNet.

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