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Catholic schools in regions surrounding Ottawa planning full in-person fall schedule

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario plans to keep the quadmester model for secondary students, however.
Classroom with young children COVID
Young children wearing masks in classroom

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario is planning primarily for full in-person learning, starting in September.  

The board says it does plan to offer a remote learning option to elementary students, but the continuation of remote learning for the second half of the school year will be based on further guidance from Ontario's Ministry of Education. 

For secondary school students, the board will continue with the quadmester model, but they say all 300 minutes of learning must be in the classroom, which means secondary students will be going back to a normal dismissal time. 

The board is also planning to open cafeterias for lunch hours. They will have limited offerings and tables will be designated per cohort.

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