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Remember This?

<b>Remember This?</b> Victory in Europe

Remember This? Victory in Europe

Taking a look back at how Ottawa celebrated the end of World War II.
<b>Remember This?</b> Parking meters arrive in Ottawa

Remember This? Parking meters arrive in Ottawa

Parking meters were installed on Ottawa streets back in the late 1950's, "to solve the pest of the streets - 'the parking hog.'"
<b>Remember This?</b> Marbles and jacks competitions

Remember This? Marbles and jacks competitions

Nearly 100 years ago, kids across Ottawa took part in a tournament to see if they could become a national marbles or jacks champion.
<b>Remember This?</b> The end of winter driving woes

Remember This? The end of winter driving woes

Ottawa's road conditions through the winter were much more challenging 93 years ago.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa's world famous dairy

Remember This? Ottawa's world famous dairy

At one time, Chateau Cheese had billboards in Havana, and ads on the sides of buses in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It also could be purchased in markets in India, throughout Central America, Bermuda, and parts of western Africa.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Long Depression hits Ottawa

Remember This? The Long Depression hits Ottawa

Hundreds of men marched on Ottawa City Hall, as well as Parliament Hill, 144 years ago, as the city endured one of its worst depression periods.
<b>Remember This?</b> The Bytown Consumers Gas Company

Remember This? The Bytown Consumers Gas Company

Around this time of the year in 1854, Bytown’s leading citizens thought their community was sufficiently large to make a gas works in the town a paying proposition.
<b>Remember This?</b> Eastview birth control trial

Remember This? Eastview birth control trial

An Ottawa court ruling on March 17, 1937, opened the door a crack for birth control in Canada.
<b>Remember This?</b> Bank of Canada established in Ottawa

Remember This? Bank of Canada established in Ottawa

Prior to the establishment of the Bank of Canada on Wellington Street, Canada had little in the way of an active monetary policy.
<b>Remember This?</b> Ottawa's first street lights

Remember This? Ottawa's first street lights

The first set of lights were installed on Sparks Street, 93 years ago.
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